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What is ShopRep?

ShopRep is a virtual shop representative enables personalization of product recommendation experience in your Online Store.

You can register a series of questions in ShopRep app to find out your customer's preference. ShopRep takes your customers to the personalized product collection page.

If you already have a Shopify plan, click on the button below to install ShopRep.

Install ShopRep
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How does ShopRep work?

All you need is step1-2. ShopRep app does the rest of work.

  1. Add tags to your products in Shopify

  2. Register a series of questions and customer's choices in ShopRep.

  3. A pop-up question appears when a customer visits your store.

  4. ShopRep will navigate a customer to the recommended product collection page based on customer's preference.

  5. Ready to install ShopRep?
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Why ShopRep?

You might've spent time and money for search engine ads to bring traffic to your Online Store, but once customers land on your page, does your site navigate the customer to a right product page?

ShopRep offers below benefits :

  1. Recommendation experience is entirely customizable. Not only questions and multiple choices, you can decide the main button position, size, how to trigger the pop-up.

  2. You don't need to register additional product taggings. ShopRep automatically pulls your product tag data. All you need is to link a tag to one of multiple choices of your question.

  3. ShopRep interface is simple and contextual help window guides you through out the admin interface. You don't have a chance to get lost.

  4. The pop-up "Look and feel" matches with your Online Store theme. You don't need additional setting to adjust the look.

  5. Decide to install ShopRep?
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