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Affordable E-commerce Plugins :
Short on the budget? Don't worry

We provide e-commerce plug-in solutions to help sales of your Online Store thru widely adopted online shop platforms. All our plug-ins' monthly subscriptions fee is less than a cup of coffee. Shopify is one of the platforms we partner with.

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Already a Shopify customer?
Take a look at ShopRep

ShopRep is one of the plug-ins we offer thru Shopify App Store. Once install ShopRep, you can proactively start asking customer's preference by presenting series of questions. At the end of the questions, ShopRep takes your customer to the personalized product collection page.

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Don't need to learn
another admin interface

We are experienced E-commerce developers and understand your needs. You don't need to learn a new admin interfece and you can focus on selling your products.
Our plugins' interfaces are fully integrated with your familiar e-commerce platform. Simple and you can customize its output in your Online Store.
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